The Wattstopper line of products offers energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use, helping customers find convenient ways to save energy, meet green initiatives, and comply with energy codes with its wide range of products, programs, and services.
We have refined our Wattstopper range to a selection of 37 products that are the staples in lighting control and automation, maintaining well known products such as Dual, Ultrasonic, Passive Infrared and Wall Switch sensors.

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Passive infrared technology (PIR) Ceiling Mount Sensor

PIR sensing systems are passive systems, and react only to energy sources (such as the human body) from within their control areas. They sense occupancy by “noticing” the difference in the heat emitted between the human body and the background.

PIR Operation - The lens of the sensor divides coverage into zones. When a change in infrared energy is detected in one of the zones, it assumes the area is occupied. PIR sensors use a dual-element pyroelectric sensing device to detect occupancy. When one of the dual elements detects infrared energy before the other, it generates a positive pulse – a few milliseconds later, the other element produces a negative pulse, creating an “ON” state within the sensor. PIR products in the range include the WPIR, CX series, CI-300 series and CB-100.

Best Applications:

• Enclosed offices where sensors can have a clear view of the entire area

• As a wall switch replacement

• Areas with high air flow: computer rooms, laboratories, etc

• Warehouses, hallways, high-ceiling-mount applications

• Areas that require direct line-of-sight viewing

• Spaces that need to mask off unwanted detection in certain areas


Ultrasonic Sensors

These sensors utilize Wattstopper’s Advanced Signal Processing Circuitry to automatically adjust the signal detection threshold in compensation for changing levels of activity and airflow. This helps eliminate false ON activations common in other ultrasonic sensors. Products include the W series and UT-300 series

Ultrasonic sensors are volumetric motion detectors which utilize the Doppler Principle to detect occupancy. They broadcast sounds high above the range of human hearing to sense movement. Usually, ultrasonic sensors consist of several components: a transmitter, receivers and processing electronics. They work by bouncing ultrasonic sound waves off objects in the room and measuring the amount of time it takes for the waves to return. Movement in the controlled area causes the sound waves to return to the receiver at a faster or slower rate, resulting in a doppler shift and occupancy detection.


Best Applications

• Enclosed offices, larger conference rooms

• Areas up to 2000 square feet that can be considered enclosed

• Storage areas with cabinets and shelving

• Bathrooms (ultrasonic waves will bounce off of the partitions)

• Open office spaces and areas that require 360° coverage

• Hallways that are completely enclosed

Dual Technology

The Watt Stopper patented Dual Technology combines passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies into one unit. Dual Technology sensors ensure the greatest sensitivity and coverage for tough applications, without the threat of false triggers. This leads to the greatest energy savings.


Dual technology sensors function by turning lighting on when both PIR and ultrasonic technologies detect occupancy. Once lighting is on, detection from only one technology is needed to keep them on. Other configurations are possible which need only one technology to trigger or both technologies to hold lighting on. Products in the range include the DT-200 series and DT-300.

Best Applications

• Classrooms

• Computer rooms

• Large conference rooms

• Open office spaces with defined aisles

• Lunchrooms

• Areas with high ceilings

• Areas requiring 100% cut-off and/or small motion sensing


Wall Switch Technology

Watt Stopper automatic wall switches incorporate features, such as Zero Crossing, that increase the switch’s life and enhances reliability. They also offer features such as terminal style wiring, which simplifies installation, and Smart Set technology, which automatically adjusts time delays and sensitivity based on usage patterns. Products include the TS-400-24.

Best Applications:

The TS is an ideal lighting control choice in equipment rooms, storage areas, and closets. The switch can also be used as an HVAC override or to control heat lamps in hotel guest rooms. The low voltage TS-400-24 can switch loads that exceed the ratings of standard wall switches and can be used in locations where high voltage wiring in walls is prohibited. Also, when used with a Wattstopper power pack, the TS-400-24 can control lighting and motor loads.


For further information on any of the products mentioned please contact Shaun Nelson. Ph: 09 579 1990 or email


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