• Get work approved before driving off-site FIELDFIX - A smarter way of working
  • Get work approved before driving off-site FIELDFIX - A smarter way of working
  • Get work approved before driving off-site FIELDFIX - A smarter way of working

The guys at FIELDFIX are committed to getting your business working smarter, not harder to get the job done, and their two new features do exactly that.

Imagine being able to scope, quote and get work approved before you’ve even driven off-site. Well, you can with FIELDFIX’s new Scoping and Quoting feature.  Equipped with smartphones and tablets, field crew can scope the work and provide a quote with full financial rates on the spot.

The digital signature pad means you can get work approved there and then, and even schedule and dispatch the work detail to crew devices immediately with annotated pictures.

Even smarter, as the work is completed and activities are recorded, the number of units can be tracked in the claims ledger against the approved budget making auditing the work claimed on a job quick and easy. Now that’s smart!

New Custom Fields that fit your business perfectly

With their new Custom Fields feature, FIELDFIX really does work in any business.

Custom Fields give customers greater flexibility to be able to customise data capture in the field, without long development lead times and costly development charges.

Give FIELDFIX a call today and tell them what information you need to record in the field for your business and your client.

Smart new website to match smart software

Since its very beginning, FIELDFIX has evolved into a smart job management system that just keeps getting better, and has a smart new website to match.  

If you didn’t quite appreciate what FIELDFIX had to offer before, you’ll now get a really good understanding of what they’re all about and just how committed they are to getting your business working smarter, not harder. 

New look, new features, same dedicated innovative company.
Visit www.fieldfix.com


FIELDFIX is practical job management software that removes the time, cost and hassle of paperwork in your business. It uses smart technology designed for the fat fingers of field crew to get information to and from the field in seconds. 

Driven by the needs of the guys in the field, FIELDFIX is an easy-to-use system that manages every aspect of the job from quote to close. 

0508 FIELDFIX (343 533) | enquiries@fieldfix.com | www.fieldfix.com

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