Increase your field crew productivity by working smarter, not harder

You may have a great group of guys working hard in the field, but have you thought about how much time they spend completing paperwork, driving to and from the office for work details, making repeat visits to sites to correct lost or inaccurate information instead of getting the job done? Add onto that the cost of processing the paperwork in the office, manually tracking revenue generated against costs incurred, collating reports and loss of revenue through undocumented variations in work scope.


 What if, you could save time and money by removing the cost and hassle of paperwork in the field? What if, with little training, you could teach your field crew to record activities and allocate them to jobs as they happen on smartphones and tablets and send the information from the field to the office in seconds? What if, you could track costs vs revenue in real time? If you know your costs and can see your profits, you can grow your business confidently.


Mobility software certainly makes administration tasks quick and easy for the guys in the field, increasing their productivity without working longer hours. Better still, with more comprehensive systems like FIELDFIX, their in-built quality con-troll FLAGGIT protects your business from incorrect or missing data in the field and drives better behaviour from your teams. With FIELDFIX, field crew can also record unplanned events like job variations, evidence and injuries on devices and produce professional customer reports from the field in seconds, with proof for compliance and health and safety.  With such efficient customer service, your crew can fix it in the field faster and you get paid for the extra work they do.


Add to that features like drag and drop scheduling and instantly despatch job details to crew devices on site, and you’re certainly maximising your crew’s time and skills. With instant job despatch crew can fit one more job in on their way home instead of driving back to the office or knocking off work early. Having the ability to scope, quote and approve electronically from the field also increases your crew’s productivity exponentially.


As well as increasing productivity, mobility software can also give you better cost control making significant economic savings for your business. For example, clocking field crew on and off on-site may save you just a few paid man hours a week but over time these small efficiencies add up to substantial economic savings.


Mobility software may be the answer, but the technology can be daunting to the guys doing the hard work out in the field. To get them to buy into it, the software needs to be easy-to-use and intuitive, a system that they can rely on and trust. Unlike other mobility software systems, FIELDFIX has been designed at the coalface and driven by the needs of a utilities contractor who wished for a smart system that would enable his field crew to administrate his business from the field.  ‘It had to be simple for it to succeed, so that the fat fingers and thumbs out there would use a system they believed in and understood’ said Peter Cooper, FIELDFIX General Manager.

Tried and tested by NZ field crew, FIELDFIX has evolved into a reliable system that manages all aspects of the job in one integrated system. You can scope, quote and approve from the field, easily schedule work and instantly dispatch job details to field crew devices, field crew can clock in and out on-site, log vehicle usage, complete job cards, report events and create As Builts online in the field with everything filed to the job and stored in one place. New and improved job management features make it easy to plan and manage complex jobs through their life-cycle with automated job flow and alerts to keep you on top of job progress and track costs vs revenue in real time.

When choosing mobility software for your business, it’s important to also consider how it will work with your existing systems. FIELDFIX, for example, has been built to integrate with other software, add new features and offers flexible functions to suit every size of business in any industry. They also have a friendly support team in Auckland who provide on-going technical support and training. With industry experience, they are able to give real advice with real examples on how best to use FIELDFIX in your business.


“The FIELDFIX team pitched in to ensure that all training and roll out went as smoothly as possible [and] responded with confidence and a great ‘can do’ attitude to all queries’, said Ivor Shannon from Treescape.

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