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Variable speed drives from a world leader in motor drive technologies

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Invertek Drives are a UK company dedicated to the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic variable speed drives used to control motors in a wide variety of industrial and energy saving applications. Invertek Drives have built their global reputation on quality, reliability and simplicity of use, with a product range for almost every motor and industry application.

Active Electrical Suppliers are the New Zealand agents for Invertek Drives Australia Pty. We have ex stock a range of the Invertek Optidrive E2 Variable Speed Drives from 0.37kW to11kW with over 50 model options.

The Invertek E2 range are general purpose drives and cover most motor control and drive applications that electrical contractors are likely to need in the commercial and light industrial sectors.

The larger Optidrive P2 and HVAC range of VSD’s with model options from 0.75kW to 250kw are available on order with quick delivery times.

The E2 range includes single phase, single to 3 phase and 3 phase units in either IP20 or IP66 models.

The IP66 units provide great flexibility in installation with the ability to mount in exposed areas and close to the motor or equipment.

Unique to the E2 range is the worlds first true single phase drive 0.37kw to 1.1kW (.05-1.5HP) and a drive especially designed for use with swimming, spa pools and small pumps. These offer energy savings, quieter operation and extended live cycle of any pool pump.

As with all Opitdrives, they are feature rich, compact, and easy to program with an intuitive interface keyboard programing right on the drive.

To find out more contact Active Electrical Suppliers Ltd.

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