• EZY2C - EZ223
  • EZY2C - EZ223

GPS Tracking Devices

EZ 223


The EZ 223 is a revolutionary hand-held GPS tracking technology that allows you to monitor and map individuals in real-time online, anywhere in the world, utilising secure password access.


The EZ 223 features include:

View location of individuals from a single dashboard login
Customisable reporting functions
Emergency SOS button
Ability to make phone calls to pre-programmed numbers
silent call function (where programmed) allowing the ability to covertly listen to the device

Typical Applications:

Commonly used as a safety device by a large number of prominent government departments and businesses to safeguard their lone workers. The SOS function allows an employee to alert their office of an impending dangerous situation, showing their location. Staff can also phone out from the device or receive calls to the device. Responsible managers always know where their lone workers are by logging into the Ezy2c dashboard.

The other common use is to monitor remote staff from a productivity perspective. See where your staff are, how long they’re at specific locations, speed they are travelling at and routes they have taken. It is also an inexpensive way to communicate back and forth with field staff as the device doubles as a mobile phone.


Typical Clients:

Typical safety clients include large Government organisations that have over 300 devices for field staff as a safety measure in the event they are placed in a dangerous position whilst working alone. There are a number of charities, welfare and nursing services using these devices in a similar manner.

Other clients include security companies with foot patrol staff and companies with a sub-contract workforce (transport operators, couriers, tradesmen) who use this device as an alternative to in vehicle tracking. The portability of the device allows employers to track and trace the whereabouts of staff and consignments without hard wiring into a sub-contractors vehicle.

Tech Specs:

GPRS device
Internal memory 1Mb
On/Off button
Built in microphone and speaker
LED indicators
Volume button
Micro USB connector for charging device
Lock/Unlock keys
Ability to add a mobile call plan for incoming and outgoing voice calls.
Long battery life (internal testing demonstrates 8 - 10 hours battery life on 30 second reporting)


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