NZIND provide a large range of LED lighting solutions to Industry for both their industrial and commercial workplaces.

Currently the market is being saturated with LED products of all shapes and sizes. For the end user it is very difficult to distinguishes between which units meet all the requirements in terms of quality assurance, New Zealand and Australian compliance standards, design standards, functionality and  local support.

NZIND offer our customers a full turnkey solution. We can assist customers with site visits to understand their requirements that will form part of our lighting study / model to determine the most efficient and relevant product for the application.

Our product range offer the latest technology LED chips, Driver and design criteria and we offer a 5 year guarantee on our LED lighting products.



With no moving parts, high level of accuracy and robust design, the LQ500 is suitable for density measurement in situations where access is difficult or limited.


  • Waste Water and Sewage
  • Water Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper


Toshiba's electromagnetic flow meters provide a large range of options, making fluid flow measurements possible for just about any application.


Toshiba's capacitance flow meters provide accurate measurement for abrasive and low conductivity applications.

No electrodes25-100mmHigh resistance for slurry applications


Toshiba's sanitary flow meters are designed for use in clean environments


Direct and remote mounted converters are available for all Toshiba flow meters.


• Electromagnetic Flow Meters

• Capacitance Flow Meters

• Sanitary Flow Meters

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