NZIND provide a large range of LED lighting solutions to Industry for both their industrial and commercial workplaces.

Currently the market is being saturated with LED products of all shapes and sizes. For the end user it is very difficult to distinguishes between which units meet all the requirements in terms of quality assurance, New Zealand and Australian compliance standards, design standards, functionality and  local support.

NZIND offer our customers a full turnkey solution. We can assist customers with site visits to understand their requirements that will form part of our lighting study / model to determine the most efficient and relevant product for the application.

Our product range offer the latest technology LED chips, Driver and design criteria and we offer a 5 year guarantee on our LED lighting products.


We offer a full range of Ex motors, all fully certified to IEC EX. We can customize increased safety motors as per user specification. We offer up to 20 000 KW in our Ex range and specials on request. We offer full support to the Oil & Gas industry. Toshiba has a long and reliable record in Ex motor manufacturing and we can assist clients with engineered solutions to suit any requirement.



• 0.37kW to 800kW

• 100 to 690V

• IEC Ex (Testsafe Australia Certified)

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