• NEMO

The mobile carephone system

NEMO is the ideal solution for older people, high-risk patients children and people who often work alone such as care assistants, farmers, security personnel or hunters. Like a mobile phone, NEMO can be used on the go while at home it works like a regular carephone: Incoming calls can be answered and emergency calls are made via the the hands-free voice connection to an emergency call centre or relative.

NEMO can be used with or without satellite positioning and can also transmit from cellars without GSM reception via the ATOM transmitter.


Small, practical format (100 x 48 x 20 mm)
Available with and without GPS
Available with and without radio transmission
With integrated SIM card it works everywhere, like a mobile phone
Simple to operate with just two buttons

Buttons recognisable by touch and distinguished by colour
Highly valuable hands-free function 
for use everywhere in the house or flat
Display to show the most important
status information
Automatic and manual alarm triggering
Possibility to use the numerous radio transmitter sensors from the NEAT range

NEMO in action

Just press a single button and a hands-free voice connection to an emergency call centre or a relative is established.  This is how the user’s location is determined.

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