• SAFE TRACK - TWIG Protector
  • SAFE TRACK - TWIG Protector

TWIG Protector

The TWIG Protector is a newly developed, small and light GPS/GSM unit.  Locator has been designed in collaboration with the foremost specialists in the GPS/GSM field and includes the most modern technology on the market.  TWIG Locator is intended for a variety of applications including surveillance, and personal protection as well as asset protection and tracking of cars, vehicles and boats. The TWIG Protector is easily tracked using a TWIG handset such as the TWIG Discovery or by subscribing to TWIG internet services at www.twigworld.com.  Locator is equipped with motion sensor, that brings intelligence to power management as well as enables theft protection.

The TWIG Protector  has been designed based on requirements for a compact GPS device which can be used for security and surveillance purposes.  It has been specifically designed to be portable and rugged allowing it to be used in a variety of ways including surveillance, personal protection, and asset protection such as the tracking of vehicles and boats.

The unit is small, fitting into the palm of the hand, but is still packed with useful features such as TWIG Alert.  When the Alert button is pushed the device immediately sends information on the units position, direction and speed to a designated contact and establishes a one way communication channel an invaluable feature for personal protection.

The size of the unit also makes it ideal for monitoring and surveying the position of vehicles and machinery such as cars, caravans and boats.  The unit can be discreetly hidden in a vehicle and using the geo-fencing function an automatic alarm transmission is activated if the vehicle moves beyond predetermined boundaries set by the user.  The alarm is an SMS sent to two designated phone numbers with information about the object, its position, whether it is still moving and its direction and speed.

Additionally the GSM functionality means it is possible to call the unit and establish a one way communication channel. The TWIG Protector  can also be tracked, either online from the TWIG internet services platform, or on the move from other TWIG devices such as the TWIG Protector .

Other features

  • Shock proof case
  • Splash water resistant
  • Three press buttons
  • Power on/off
  • Panic
  • Anchor
  • Indicator LED’s
  • GSM
  • GPS
  • Battery

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