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Q2 Ltd - The first-choice business partner for the electrical industry

Q2 Ltd are the first-choice business partner for electrical industry business owners because Q2 understand the challenges faced by privately owned businesses, and provide practical solutions.

Business owners face many challenges ranging from day to day record keeping/book keeping /job management systems through to tax/cashflow planning and business strategy (why are we in business, what are we trying to achieve, how will we do that?).

Business owners in the electrical industry are skilled in their specific area of technical expertise, while the Q2 team are skilled at helping business go better.

Q2 truly understand their clients’ businesses, both the challenges and the goals. Q2 design customized solutions with fixed pricing plans so the business owner can choose the assistance they want.

Q2 also run regular business workshops because running a better business requires the owner to become a more competent business person.





But some things remain the same.

Including the intense time management challenges faced by business owners. Years ago, I read Stephen Covey’s best selling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. His time management matrix looked something like this:

If you are a business owner wanting your business to go better then contact the first-choice business partner, Q2 Ltd, for a free business consultation – call 09 222 4448 or email info@Q2.net.nz

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