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Helping you do business, not paperwork

FIELDFIX provides field crew and end-to-end job management services that focus on your business working smarter not harder by getting accurate data to and from the field in real time using devices.

Driven by the needs of a local utilities contractor who wished for a smart software system, FIELDFIX enables field crew to record timesheets, job cards, event reports and As Builts as they happen on smartphones and tablets, removing the time, cost and hassle of paperwork in the field. It manages all aspects of the job including risk and compliance in one integrated system that sorts the data to provide real time job progress tracking and cost control. 

Tried and tested by NZ field crew, FIELDFIX has evolved into a reliable system that can manage complex multi-stage jobs and high volume job flow from quote to close. Supported by a friendly team dedicated to providing smart solutions for your business needs, it has been built to integrate with other software systems, add new features and offers flexible functions to suit every size of business in any industry.

What can FIELDFIX do for you? ( Why FIELDFIX?)

End-to-end job management
Everything you need to manage your jobs from beginning to end in one easy-to-use system that provides real time costs vs revenue and job progress tracking. Fix it in the field faster, get paid quicker and work smarter, not harder.

Easily project manage complex jobs
Use sub-jobs, tasks, dates and multiple job states to plan complex jobs. Schedule and dispatch job details to field crew devices. Automated job flow and alerts keep you on track. 

High volume job flow management
Apply multiple job states and dates to manage the process from quote to close. Automated job flow and alerts keep you on track. Immediately schedule urgent jobs and dispatch to crew devices in seconds.

Capture unplanned events as they happen
Field crew record job variations, incidences and issues as they happen in the field on devices.  Produce professional customer reports in seconds with proof for compliance, health and safety. 

Get better cost control with electronic timesheets
Field crew use smartphones to clock on and off on-site, log vehicle usage and kilometres. Timesheet data integrates with job activity data to provide accurate job cost reporting in real time.  Approve timesheets in one click and feed into existing payroll system.

Track job progress and costs vs revenue in real time
Field crew record job activities, codes and rates as work is completed in the field on devices. Job activity costs integrate with timesheet costs to accurately track costs vs revenue.  All job related data is conveniently filed in one place including As Builts, job variation, incident and injury reporting. 

Create As Builts online  in the field
FIELDFIX As Builts are easy to use, quick to complete and merge into professional customer reports in seconds – instant, accurate, paperless.  Feedback from auditors give FIELDFIX As Builts the big ‘thumbs up’ as job codes correlate with lay plans and physical address making their job quick and easy.

Contact Information

We are Auckland based and happy to travel to meet you for a presentation demo.

Ph: 0508 FIELDFIX (343533)

Email: enquiries@fieldfix.com

Website: www.fieldfix.co.nz 

List of services

Current features include:

  • Timesheets
  • Job cards
  • Event reports
  • As Builts
  • Job flow management
  • Scheduling & dispatch
  • Action Management (quality control, alerts )
  • Customised reporting
  • Budget and Quoting (coming soon)

All FIELDFIX customers receive the highest level of service.  This includes comprehensive training and on-going technical support by our friendly Auckland based team. Our software development team are open to feedback and are continually looking for ways to make FIELDFIX even better. All customers benefit from regular feature updates that will get them working smarter, not harder.

Technical info

With FIELDFIX there’s no need to worry about data security. FIELDFIX lives in an extremely secure and robust production environment, built to enterprise grade that is normally only enjoyed by the big corporates. 

All you need to start using FIELDFIX is a PC with an internet connection and a standard mobile device for field crew and we’ll take care of the rest.

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