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Launched in 2003 by Andrew Seavill, Action Traffic has grown to be a booming, successful business. Our priority is Safety and we strive for Excellence and Service. These three points are applied on all tasks by

every staff member. Starting with a small handful of staff and equipment, our numbers have quadrupled to a staggering 90 staff, 30 vehicles and an ever increasing amount of resources. 

Although Action Traffic grows bigger and bigger each month we still remain to be a close knit family, supporting each other through milestones. Our staff members have one on one sessions with  

in house trainers to ensure they clearly understand why they do what they do, why safety is our main concern. All of Action Traffic’s STMS’s and TC’s know that each day they are out on the road to protect our clients, the public and themselves. 

Our dedicated client management team are on call to ensure we cover needs for Events; Film; Utility work; and Construction. Each Account Manager is initially trained on the road so as to have

a better understanding of the day to day operations in our company. 

Action Traffic Control has also recently started a Hire company which caters for all traffic management hire needs. From cones to safety fences, barriers and electronic message boards. 

For any enquiries, quotes, questions we’re always available to talk so please don’t hesitate to 

Contact us: www.actiontraffic.co.nz

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