All objects constantly emit infrared (IR) radiation. Infrared radiation occupies the region of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and microwaves.

As an object becomes hotter, the frequency of the vibrations increases and the total amount of infrared energy increases significantly.

The human eye is unable to detect infrared radiation; however an IR detector converts the infrared energy into an electrical signal that generates a temperature value. Infrared or non-contact temperature sensors are very successful in measuring hot, moving, or difficult to reach objects. They are also used where contact temperature sensors would damage or alter the material.

Infrared has been used successfully in a wide range of industrial applications including the following: heat treating, forging, glass processing, building and construction materials, packaging, machine condition monitoring, food processing and fire prevention.

Introducing DIAS, in-line single point infrared sensor and in-line thermal imaging cameras. Made in Germany and built to the highest standards, you can trust this infrared range of products to monitor your valuable assets; installing such a system from DIAS may have a positive impact on your insurance premiums!

All DIAS solutions are quick and easy to install.  Create temperature alarm points and configure the outputs to control machinery, audible alarm or patch into your fire alarm system.  DIAS offers the security you would expect and the reliability you can trust.

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