These units are specifically designed for a multitude of applications wherever non invasive temperature monitoring is required. The DT4L are suitable for temperature measurements from –40 °C to 1000 °C on a huge range of different surface types. The rugged body allows usage even under rough environmental conditions. 

The communication module is supplied with a brightly illuminated display with push button control settings. Outputs include 2 x digital outputs (alarms/control), analogue 4 to 20mA and a galvanically isolated RS-485 interface, which allows parameter setting and software evaluation even in bus systems. So wether you use the DT4L as a stand alone device or integrate into a PLC or control system, there is a configuration for any solution.  

Typical industrial sectors include; Paper & packaging, Kiln, glass, ceramics, food and chemical industries.  Temperature monitor, control, alarm applications such as motor, shaft bearings, production process’s, fire prevention etc.. 

Fire prevention application example, especially useful when a machine lubricant or fuel is volatile or has a low flashpoint. Mount and aim the DIAS PROSPOT DT4L at the lubrication/fuel tank of a machine or plant, set an output to isolate power and another to your fire alarm panel.

For further information on the DIAS PYROSPOT DT 4 L or any other of our products please call Tom Aldridge on 09 526 7557

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