• Synergy™ Soft Starters

Synergy™ soft starters were developed to meet the demands of industries worldwide. Now the world’s smallest power to size ratio Softstarter. In addition synergy™ utilises our globally renowned automatic setup feature which allows the user to programme each unit to individual applications using a simple 4 button touch screen technology, bringing the user interface to even greater control levels.

Synergy™ is much more than just a motor soft starter, with built in SCR failure protection, full motor overload protection, full data logging capability, extensive input/output programmability, communication protocols… synergy™ meets industries most complex demands.

With synergy™ we included iERS (Inteligent Energy Recovery System). iERS is a Fairford technology that matches the power consumption to the load required. It intelligently monitors and regulates energy consumption on fixed speed motors resulting in considerable energy savings.

To find out more on Synergy and Fairford Soft starters email: technical@goactive.net.nz




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