• Report Confirms - Chainsaws Can Be Lethal

A review of European Chainsaw fatalities, accidents and trends was undertaken in 2013.

The report found there were inherent risks in arboriculture, particularly in the use of chainsaws, and the lack of 
skills and training, this has led to the formation of an international online chainsaw operator skills register and an 
Awarding Body Association for quality assurance. The study outlined some telling statistics that we can all learn 

  • Sixty-three per cent of chainsaw operators die from being struck by falling trees and branches
  • Thirteen per cent of chainsaw operators bleed to death from chainsaw cuts – primarily due to saw kick back and lack of adequate rst aid training
  • Eleven per cent of chainsaw operators die due to slipping, tripping or falling on hazardous ground conditions – primarily falling on a running chainsaw on  steep wet ground
  • Seven per cent of chainsaw operators die from other causes- accidents with vehicles, other equipment etc.
  • At least 6% of chainsaw operators die falling from height 

Supplied By: Martin Herbert, NZ Training Manager

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